The Do-It-All Programmer

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Welcome to my first attempt at a blog. My intention is to share in my day-to-day experiences in as a Developer, DBA, and technician. I am sure I am not the only person IT that has to wear many hats. So to that end anyone who wants to share their experience, please feel free to do so. One thing I am not is a designer so you will have to excuse the poor layout of my blog, it will improve as I continue.

I might from time to time discuss:

  • Dot Net
  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • Operating Systems
  • Eloquence (Am I the only one who uses this as a database?)
  • Mainframe development
  • ASP
  • C++
  • Life-hacking

Visual Basic Vs. C#

The Battle Continues…

First things first both are languages in their own right are wonderful. I have much more of slant toward VB. The only reason I have preference to VB is because I grew up with it, started in QBASIC and have kept up with it ever since. I have experience in both C++ and C#. Now with the Dot Net Framework, I cannot see any single advantage in one than the other. Now with the Dot Net Framework everything is balanced. The debatably good thing about Dot Net is that it adds a layer of abstraction from the OS allowing for greater flexibility.

I recently heard from Microsoft that Visual Basic is now the number one used language from Microsoft; and for good reason, it is very simplistic. It is a quick and dirty language. Very much geared for rapid development, VB now has most object oriented techniques available as well as some really cool functional programming features as workplace images

C#…What can I say, it has a very structured approach. If you have used C++ before, you will feel like you just downed a case of Red Bull! All the control of C++ without the tedium. The tradeoff moving to C# from C++ is that you move from having control of system memory to lack thereof. C# now also supports some functional programming concepts as well.

If you more information check this link:

I am looking for you to keep me honest, and I am hoping to provide some good content to you now and in the future.