Downfalls of IT Consultants

IT Consultants – My Story

So for the past couple months I and my whole department have been rewriting code from IT Consultants. We were never “consulted” to even know what the consultants were working on. The terms of the contracts were vague and the software that was developed was incomplete. Lucky us!

There are a lot of lessons I have learned that could be very useful to both IT Consultants and IT Technicians. I am going to share some with you.

  1. In the contract, always list not only the expected outcomes but also things that will not be included in the final product.
  2. An extension of rule one; clear, concise criteria is required from the client; if the client does not give this to the consultant, then the consultant needs to ask each question he/she feels pertinent several different ways. This will flush out hidden gems that the client might not thought of earlier.
  3. INFORM ANYONE AND EVERYONE of developments, including stumbling blocks and progress. This should be done, depending on the time-frame of the project, on a daily or weekly basis.
  4. Get everything in writing. You will be amazed how many agreements and understandings are misinterpreted or forgotten with no written proof.
  5. Cut down on the meetings, less meetings more email results in better communication.

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