Visual Studio 2005 Tip of the Day – Class Diagram

I just have a really brief entry for today. In my continued efforts of self-improvement, I have stumbled upon a rather interesting feature in VS that I never knew (or bothered to look at). For some developers, they need to visualize what they are doing in one way or another. Well the good people at Microsoft have developed a GUI for creating classes called Class Diagram.

Right mouse click on your solution in the Solution Explorer and select Class Diagram. In there you will discover that you will be able to create the shells of your classes very simply and quickly. You can add methods, background fields, properties to new or existing classes you have created. In each of these you can include parameters and comments.

Once you include some code in the classes, you can even test the results with Test Bench. Basically you can enter values into the parameters of functions and see the output, without even writing the old main function and running through test case after test case. You still might want to do that anyway, so you can repeat your tests.

Well that is it for now!