SSIS or SQL Server Maintenance Plan ~ TCP Provider, error: 0 – The semaphore timeout period has expired.

I was having this problem and was able to fix it. The problem is with┬áthe connection object. I think it has to do with SSIS / SQL Server Agents security model. Basically, you have to log into the the server via RDC (don’t use SSMS from another computer) or give a visit to the server.

Log into SSMS on the machine and create a new connection or connections depending on your need, be sure to use Windows Authentication and choose the server name from browsing, don’t use an IP address.

Then change all the objects (or tasks) to point to the new connection.

Save and then run.

Note: It is usefull to setup the reporting options in the maintenance plan to send the report to yourself. You can see the full description of the error and see all the job steps that ran.


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