HP Restore C++ Runtime Error Accessing FBW Files

HP System Restore

This is really bad, I am trying to be a nice guy and restore some files from backups for a friend of the family. The program provided by HP, developed by SoftThinks, gets a runtime error the first run through and then will not run again. Two things I noticed: log files for C:\System Recovery Files prevent the restore utility from working a second time and second, everyone is having issues with this! The forums are littered with everyone complaining about this.

To HP: What good is having backup software without the ability to restore data from it???

How to Restore Files From Backup

There is a utility which SoftThinks refers to on their website and instructions for use but don’t a link to download it! Genious! Here is the link to their documentation: http://www.softthinks.com/FAQs/For_HP.aspx

After much digging I found the utility found below.

Emergency Utility

I have to give credit to the following blogger who helped me tremendously, I was just lucky enough to find his post! I am merely spreading the word on this issue.



3 thoughts on “HP Restore C++ Runtime Error Accessing FBW Files

  1. I really appreciate that you shared this information. I was looking around for several hours over the past couple of days and found nothing but the proverbial finger from HP to the public over this issue. While HP might do a decent job on factory restore, that whole HP Recovery Manager and Softthink buggy versions of code were just a boondoggle of the highest order. Anyway it appears that I am actually in the process of extracting my data from that utility that you posted. Many thanks again for sharing.

      • Try as a may it took hours and hours of reading over the HP forums and reading story after story of HP owners with their data locked up and the absolutely incompetent responses from their “support” staff. One HP tech said that it is “a fine piece of software”, referring to the bad alpha copy of Softthink that they put on everyone’s machines. Having been in the software business for over 30 years I can tell you that that piece of crap was never tested, not even on a new machine. It is unbelievable. I was actually thinking about buying my mother a new computer because of the factory restore option but after reading over there discombobulated support and denials of a problem being reported by the public I am going to think on that again. Probably a Dell this time.

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