Python Introduction ~ How to become a Python Programmer

I am starting to teach myself Python and if you are reading this, then you might be learning it to. Good for you! Its a fun language, mainly because of it’s minimal syntax, sorry Perl! I am going to share my resources with you right here. If I missed something that you found useful, let me know I will be happy to post it and I could use the help too!

An interesting note, Python is actually named after Monty Python, not the snake.

Where to download Python:

The official Python website:

START HERE!!!! Google’s Python course (Open Courseware):
I recommend going through the entire course and do the exercises. The exercises really will help you get the hang of it! It is a full blown course, video lectures, reading material, and assignments.

GUI programming with Python, Perl, and Ruby using TK (who doesn’t want to make a GUI):

The offical documentation:

It is really nice and easy to get the hang of. After two weekends, I can actually do some really cool things. URLLib is an awesome module, I know why Google loves it so much!

A couple tips for starting out:

  • Don’t forget the colons after control blocks of code (for, while, if, else, elif, etc.)
  • Careful naming of your variables, will save you from making poor mistakes.
  • Test your software frequently, in your main function, have all your test cases for your functions. Make sure your code is solid before continuing on to the next function!

I want to hear from, any tips and tricks are welcome.


2 thoughts on “Python Introduction ~ How to become a Python Programmer

  1. I just started a programming blog too! I am a complete novice, and I look forward to seeing what you blog about relative to Python. Thanks for the links John.

    • Your welcome. It is a really good platform to code against. Hopefully my articles will help you out. I have been programming for quite some time, so sometimes my topics are a little advanced. I will try to explain things for beginners with Python.


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