Hotmail / Live POP3 Settings

In case you are like me, carrying around a smart phone;  I would like to receive email from my ancient Hotmail account. After some searching I found the info here: which was posted by dubstar_04.

K9Mail is a little more complex to setup than the default email client for Android but is far superior when it comes to speed and ease of maintenance.

In case the link gets broken here is what he posted:

It seems that this is a little known fact that msn / Hotmail pop3 access can be gained using these settings. I find that K9 Mail works better than the standard email app. Incoming: Username: Password: your password POP server: Port: 995 Security type: SSL (always) Outgoing: SMTP server: Port: 25 / 587 Security type: TLS (always) Username: Password: your password When i first set an account up it brings back some blank mail, which i delete after that it works fine. Regards, Dubstar_04

If you are reading this, chances are you have a Windows Live or Hotmail account. If that is the case, I recommend another one of my articles to get the most out your Skydrive.


Groupwise Rules Not Working

So this is a great one I discovered. If your rules are not working, delete the criteria for the new rule you added and TYPE it back in. It turns out that if you copy and paste from an email message/subject/to/from there is potential that it will not work. I think it is because it uses two kinds of encoding.

I wasted time on this so you don’t have to 🙂