Things I have learned today: Word and Access Tricks!

Business meeting I have come across some things today that I need to share, because I have not found them many places! My main purpose on here is to be helpful to others as well as maintain a digital image of my brain; simply because, like many people in IT, I have to address many different things in any given day.

So on with the tricks!


Turning Off Stubborn Warning Messages

Today I was helping a colleague with a macro they were creating. The person turned the warnings off and were still getting the warning message about appending records. Here is how you get around warning messages that will not turn of the default way.  Use the SendKeys Action immediately BEFORE the append query (or whichever action is generating the warning) you need to hide. Be sure to set it’s “Wait” attribute to “Off”. The enter key is represented as a tilde “~”, which will automatically post on the message box. If you need to tab to the the next button, you can use {TAB}.

Open Access Database on a Network

Another thing I learned today is that the Window XP will not allow you to open an Access database file when it is on a network (non-Active Directory anyways). Also the file must not be open by anyone else.


Dynamically Loading Images Into Mail Merge

If you are doing a mail merge and need an image to change on each record here are some tips. Paths have to include an extra backslash so \’s are now \\. The format is {INCLUDEPICTURE {MERGEFIELD ImagePathNameHere}}. Once you generate the output to a different file, select all (Ctrl + A) and then press F9 to have all the pictures load. If you this incorrectly one of two things happen: you see the same image for all the records; if you see this, chances are you did not select all the records and refresh them. If all the images appear like broken links, you did not include the extra backslashes in the file path.

If you have any questions about this or anything else, I will do my best to answer you. Just leave me a comment!