HP Restore C++ Runtime Error Accessing FBW Files

HP System Restore

This is really bad, I am trying to be a nice guy and restore some files from backups for a friend of the family. The program provided by HP, developed by SoftThinks, gets a runtime error the first run through and then will not run again. Two things I noticed: log files for C:\System Recovery Files prevent the restore utility from working a second time and second, everyone is having issues with this! The forums are littered with everyone complaining about this.

To HP: What good is having backup software without the ability to restore data from it???

How to Restore Files From Backup

There is a utility which SoftThinks refers to on their website and instructions for use but don’t a link to download it! Genious! Here is the link to their documentation: http://www.softthinks.com/FAQs/For_HP.aspx

After much digging I found the utility found below.

Emergency Utility

I have to give credit to the following blogger who helped me tremendously, I was just lucky enough to find his post! I am merely spreading the word on this issue.



SQL Server DAC (Dedicated Administrator Connection)

SQL Server DAC (Dedicated Administrator Connection)

Have you ever had a query go rogue? CPU at pegged at 100%? This will help!

Note: This is only for SQL Server 2005 and later…

There is some groundwork to do.

Setting up the DAC

Run these statements as an administrator:

sp_configure 'remote admin connections',1

This will enable the ability to connect to the server.

Using DAC When IT Matters!

You can do two things use sqlcmd to connect to the SQL Server or a query window (not the Object Browser). The trick is before the name of the server prefix the name of the server with admin:.



A note of interest, you are limited by what you can do in this mode. Nothing that needs to store temporary tables and things like that. You can even use this if you do something terrible like corrupt the master or tempdb databases.

I hope you never need this!