RSOD – Red Screen of Death! No, I’m not kidding.

So there is actually a red screen of death. Microsoft does have an RSOD, it is very rare to see these days. As a matter of fact, it was only visible in a beta version of Windows Vista. Seen here:

Windows Vista Red Screen of Death
Windows Vista Red Screen of Death

There is another RSOD, HP has one too and I saw it first hand today:

HP Red Screen of Death

This error indicates a problem with your SAS Controller. A firmware upgrade from HP might be able to fix your problem.

Either error is not good, my sympathies.


HP Restore C++ Runtime Error Accessing FBW Files

HP System Restore

This is really bad, I am trying to be a nice guy and restore some files from backups for a friend of the family. The program provided by HP, developed by SoftThinks, gets a runtime error the first run through and then will not run again. Two things I noticed: log files for C:\System Recovery Files prevent the restore utility from working a second time and second, everyone is having issues with this! The forums are littered with everyone complaining about this.

To HP: What good is having backup software without the ability to restore data from it???

How to Restore Files From Backup

There is a utility which SoftThinks refers to on their website and instructions for use but don’t a link to download it! Genious! Here is the link to their documentation:

After much digging I found the utility found below.

Emergency Utility

I have to give credit to the following blogger who helped me tremendously, I was just lucky enough to find his post! I am merely spreading the word on this issue.