New Years Resolution: Leave FACEBOOK!

“If you’re building a product that people love, you can [afford to] make a  lot of mistakes.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Here is why I left Facebook, I do not respect Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook. He doesn’t value your information which he proved in a series of text messages a few years ago. The company has a lack of concern about your private data, allowing third parties such as Zynga access to data the shouldn’t have required. Facebook has since fixed this only to run into further privacy concerns.

People are addicted to Facebook

People are posting where they are on Facebook, great you just potentially told a theif, “Hey I’m not home right now, so take all of my cool electronics”. People are posting what they had for breakfast! Really who cares, you aren’t two years old anymore. Maybe these people should try to put their time to better use, like learning something new, get a job, try to be a better version of you. Think about all the time you spend on Facebook, it adds up! If you are complaining about your place in the world quit Facebook, you will find that you are actually doing things again and moving in a better direction.

Quitting Facebook, what you should know

Facebook hired a consulting company to figure out what would make you want to stay, they give you a pathetic form to fill out. They are trying to play on your emotions to keep you in their clutches. Good news, you fill it out, click submit, and you are free. Free to get on with your life.

Life After

I quit at the start of the New Year after watching a CNBC documentary on Facebook, it was really enlightening. I urge everyone to watch it. Please people, time to get on with living and spend less time on your computer.


Hotmail / Live POP3 Settings

In case you are like me, carrying around a smart phone;  I would like to receive email from my ancient Hotmail account. After some searching I found the info here: which was posted by dubstar_04.

K9Mail is a little more complex to setup than the default email client for Android but is far superior when it comes to speed and ease of maintenance.

In case the link gets broken here is what he posted:

It seems that this is a little known fact that msn / Hotmail pop3 access can be gained using these settings. I find that K9 Mail works better than the standard email app. Incoming: Username: Password: your password POP server: Port: 995 Security type: SSL (always) Outgoing: SMTP server: Port: 25 / 587 Security type: TLS (always) Username: Password: your password When i first set an account up it brings back some blank mail, which i delete after that it works fine. Regards, Dubstar_04

If you are reading this, chances are you have a Windows Live or Hotmail account. If that is the case, I recommend another one of my articles to get the most out your Skydrive.