Microsoft Access Reports Printer Settings


Here is something interesting I have run across. I sometimes write reports in an Access database. As soon as I transfer the report over to the client’s computer, the computer appears to lose its default printer settings.


As it turns out, Access remembers your printer settings from the last time you ran the job. I have also found that if you have a different printer installed than where the report is going to be used, it will lose the settings. So if you need a certain behavior to occur like duplex printing do the following:


  1. Go to the client’s computer which is going to run the report.
  2. Open the report in design view and make any changes you need.
  3. Ctrl-P to bring up the print dialog, make any changes you need for the printers configuration (you are re-establishing the desired printing setting here.
  4. Print one or two pages.
  5. Save the report.

This will hopefully save you some time in you MS Access reporting.