SQL Server Reporting Services ~ MultiValued Parameters

This is a really good article on multivalued parameters in a stored procedure. Very good read for SQL Server Reporting Services.

Tech Updates

In SSRS reports we can have multi valued paremeters, which means we can select multiple values for that parameter and based on all those selected values result in the report is shown. We can write the SQL query to pass those parameter’s values and populate the data set, but sometimes it is required or to optimize the performance we need to use the stored procedure instead of direct sql query. This stored procedure will be taking the report paremeter as input and returing the result set to populate the data set.

In case of sql query as well as stored procedure, all selected values of the multi-value parameter will be passed as ‘,’ (comma) separated. So we should use IN clause in WHERE to impose the desired condition.

Problem: If we use stored procedure passing an input parameter which is multi-value parameter, SSRS will take all those selected multiple values…

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SQL Server Reporting Services ~ Cascading/Dependant Parameters

This is my first screencast, enjoy!

SQL Server Reporting Services ~ Ordering Parameters

Did you get the error when previewing: FORWARD DEPENDENCIES ARE NOT VALID

In SSRS 2005 it was relatively easy to change the order of the parameters, just right mouse click on the report and click on Report Parameters. But they “moved the cheese”. Once you know where it is, it is fast to change. It is now in the Report Data tab. Click on the parameter to move. Up/Down arrows then become highlighted. You can then use those arrows to change the parameter order.